7 Fakta Kekalahan Memalukan Indonesia dari Thailand

Ball Article / 15 September, 2019

Indonesia surrendered in the hands of Thailand in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. These results exceeded Garuda’s record when Garuda met.

In the match that took place at the Bung Karno Stadium on Tuesday (10/9 2019) night Wib, Indonesia lost 0-3 to Thailand. Supachok Sarachat scored 2 successes and another success was printed by Theerathorn Bunmathan.

These results make Indonesia continue to be merged at the bottom of the 2022 World Cup Qualifying Team Gr Asia standings. From 2 appearances, Simon McMenemy’s squad hasn’t reached any points at all.

1. Despite playing at home, Indonesia lost in terms of attack. Thailand goalkeeper 7 times, against Garuda 3 times.

2. Andik Vermansyah et al ball skills are also not able to surpass from Thailand. Indonesia does 49% of soccer skills, compared to 51% of War Elephant.

3. The Indonesian national team played 3 strikers throughout the match (Alberto Goncalves, Osas Saha, Ferdinand Sinaga), whereas Thailand only lowered one attacking player (Supachai Jaided). However, in fact the successful guest team made 3 success.

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4. Thailand managed to win the clean sheet selection to expand 2 matches in the 2022 World Cup Qualification. To win that, Andritany Arhiyasa has conceded 5 successes from 2 matches.

5. Last night’s battle against Indonesia from Thailand. Of the last 11 parties, the Garuda national team totaled 9 times and was only able to win 2 times.

6. With this result, Indonesia remained defeated in the 3 opposing parties – participating against Thailand. Previously, Indonesia defeated 2- 4 in the 2018 AFF Cup and lost 0-2 in the 2016 AFF Cup Final II Leg.

7. Results from 0-3 to the most defeats Indonesia from Thailand at home since the new millennium (2002). Previously, Indonesia only lost by a single success.